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General site questions

The scan is done by our lite penetration testing robot, your site scan results use a lite crawl, our advanced robot can find more complicated vulnerabilities, want to hear about all of the possibilities? Talk with us.

Not at all, there is no need to be scared.
the scan doesn’t do anything that can hurt your digital assets at all.

You can read how to fix the vulnerabilities found on your website during the scan through our blog guides, self-research on the web, or you can contact us for a quick and professional fix.

Partly, the vulnerabilities found during the scan are a small part of the vulnerability that exists on the web, we invite you to contact us to perform a deeper penetration test to be safe as you can get.

Our team is comprised of leading researchers in our community who have been approved by the Cyberetic Red Team Division.
Our team performs in-depth penetration testing for all types of platforms with one purpose – making the Internet a safer place

As we mentioned above, our goal is to make the Internet a safer place, through our large cyber community we can fulfill our goal and allow both researchers and companies to enjoy maximum security and reward our researchers for doing their job faithfully.